June 2, 2020: release of Emmanuel Druon's new book, Ecolonomy 2, creative transformation

Many business leaders and employees came and got inspired by Pocheco experience. The company has experienced some splendid moments, but is going through complex phases in which the ecolonomic process allows it to hold its ground. On the strength of these experiences, Emmanuel Druon and his teams wanted to respond positively to this demand for sharing between peers by creating the "Ouvert" consulting office which, for ten years now, has been supporting one hundred companies around the world with the ecolonomic method, in Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Spain, China, etc. They collaborate with industrial units, whose tens of thousands of employees are committed to changing their daily practices in order to participate in the vast transition movement, while local authorities are following suit.


How to reduce its impact on the environment while improving social conditions and saving money.



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