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*How to reduce its impact on the environment while improving social conditions and saving money.

News - April 2020

New: Ecolonomy 2, the creative transformation.

At Pocheco, the envelope factory in the north of France, the team has been inventing and experimenting with ecolonomy, to make industry without destroying, for nearly 25 years. With this experience since 2016, more than 100 industrial companies and local authorities have called on the team's know-how to embark on the ecolonomy approach. In Indonesia, China, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Spain and France, multinational groups and SMEs call on Pocheco and its "Ouvert" consulting office. It is the account of these commitments that Emmanuel Druon presents in this new book.

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Our ecolonomists from OUVERT bureau
support companies and communities
in their ecological transition.

We offer tailor-made solutions
according to the method of ecolonomy*
implemented for 25 years in our POCHECO factory.

What's Ecolonomy about?

“ It's more economical to produce in an environmentally friendly way.”

Do you want to reduce your impact on the ecology while saving money at the same time?

We share with you the proven solutions we have implemented in our plant and with our customers.

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Vous souhaitez diminuer votre impact tout en faisant des économies ?

Good reasons to choose us

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  1. We offer solutions based on 25 years of experience on our industrial site.
  2. Our approach is transversal. We work with your teams in a "bottom-up" spirit: the initiative comes from the field.
  3. Our solutions respect the criteria of ecolonomy* : productivity gains, improved working conditions and reduced environmental impact.

With you, we get it right: we save money, we improve working conditions and, on top of that, we preserve our environment.

ecolonomy projects

We support the teams of more than 100 industrial companies around us in France and around the world. But also architects, local authorities and all sectors concerned by ecology and transition.
Each activity is tailor-made within the same company. Then the ecolonomical effects complement each other, add up and produce exponential results.
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How to reduce its impact on the environment while improving social conditions and saving money.



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